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martedì 16 agosto 2011

Improvvisa fuoriuscita di fumo in questi giorni dalla terra a Los Angeles (California)

LITERALLY, smoke and steam coming out of the ground just NORTH of Los Angeles !!! just 2 days ago !

This , in my opinion, 100% validates the plume activity we saw 3 weeks ago to the north east of Los Angeles, and all the way up the west coast ... exactly what I thought it would look like.. steam venting like a very large fumerole, but on a MASSIVE scale all the way up the west coast.

Taken in conjunction with the announcement this past week of fresh lava flows off the coast of Oregon, I would say we have a full blown seismic event underway on the west coast of the USA.

thanks to sheilaaliens for the find !

here is the video of the event.. caputred on MSM cameras !!!



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