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venerdì 19 settembre 2014

KERU - Line After Line (anti-CHEMTRAILS song) - Please SHARE


Original upload: http://youtube.com/kerurock

MORE KERU MUSIC: http://keru.bandcamp.com



Watch the documentary: Cloud Cover http://youtu.be/PPfm1ljfwkU


Vocals, electric, acoustic and bass guitar, mouse clicking, speaker kicking: Keru
Lap steel guitar : Micabou
Follow Micabou's other musical projects: http://www.youtube.com/caseguit
Recording, mix and mastering by Keru @ Jetlag studio - Verdun - Canada


For the great video images: socalskywatch.net and GMACAG
For their amazing contribution: Michel Lapointe & the whole family - YOU ROCK!!


KÉRU -- Line after line (feat. Micabou)

Above, a single line appears
A long, white trail across the sky
Everyone thinks it looks so cool

A second trail, out of the blue
Crosses the first, splits it in two
omg, awesome, lol, yo

This unidentified plane
Comes back multiple times
Trails linger, they spread
Right above our heads

This toxic tic-tac-toe
Now we see it, now we know
Covers the entire sky
We can't believe our eyes

Poison chemtrails in the sky
They're spraying line after line after line after line

(Busy spraying poison, spreading so many lies)

There is chemical spraying above our heads
A milky white veil hides the sun
As one, we turn to the skies
As one, we realize...

Insane men with insane plans
If we let this madness be
We're no better, you see

So welcome to the new world
We wake up, look up, speak up
One by one
Uncloud our minds
Let's free the sky -- it is time!

Poison chemtrails in the sky
They're spraying line after line after line after line

Chemtrails in the sky with barrium
You can't go on spraying these suspicious lines
Pour some aluminum on me
Spraying babies one more time
Like a spraying drone
It's beautiful like chemtrails in the sky
oooooh, the airplaine's there... oooooh, chemtrails in the air
Exit light, they sprayed all night, take our health, all for power, all for wealth
i'm spraaaaaying the rain, just spraying the rain
Every breathe you take...

Lyrics and music: © 2014 KERU - All rights reserved

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